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Harris Shilakowsky - violin faculty

Violin is my specialty. I have advanced degrees from both New England Conservatory of Music & Yale University in violin (bachelors & masters, respective).

Music Studies Consultation
no charge for your consultation meeting
Studying violin or piano for a while and want to become more proficient at it?
  • Learn more advanced techniques (bowing, fingering, posture, grip, etc.) so you can read and perform even difficult pieces of music.
  • Learn how to get a relaxed, beautiful sounding technique.
  • Develop speed and strength.
  • When you sign up for your introductory consultation, we'll listen and talk and figure out what the next step in your music-playing education will get you where you want to go with the instrument.

Meet the teacher, Mr. Shilakowsky
Bring your violin. Bring any sheet music you have worked on before, if any.
Beginners will be assigned a new instruction book.

benefits of studying with Shilakowsky

  • increase coordination
  • improve posture
  • increase self-confidence and self-image
  • improve your state of mind
  • get you thinking in another dimension
When you enroll for a whole semester (16 lessons). Your 16th lesson is FREE.

To learn more about the professor, click this link
Online Studio-Video Seminars