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Always be on time.
On time = 5 minutes early.

Unless you are sick, you are required to call in to re-schedule lessons you might miss at least 24 hours before your lesson time. Please be considerate to your teacher and to other students.
  1. AT HOME BEFORE YOU COME...Organize ALL your study and performance materials; sheet music, scales, theory books, study sheets, lesson planner booklet and put it all together to bring to your lesson along with your instrument and your BRAIN.:wub:
  2. While you are waiting for your lesson, take out and organize all of your study materials including books and sheet music so you are ready to begin your lesson promptly at the time you have scheduled with your teacher.
  3. If you play an instrument which is in a case (not piano!), please take the instrument from the case and tune quietly. Prepare and assemble your instrument so you are ready to begin your lesson on time.
  4. Please have your snack and drink and visit the bathroom before your lesson time so you will not be distracted and lose valuable lesson time.
  5. Please do not distract other students who are having their lesson.
  6. If you are asked to play together with another student, be ready to perform your duet or other ensemble piece before your lesson time is scheduled to begin.
  7. Enjoy your lesson. Music is meant to bring joy to your life.
  8. However, please try to stay focused on musical issues during your lesson time.
Please come back and re-visit this page as often as you like.:guitar: