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The philosophy of the director of EMS is that students need to be musically literate. To understand how to create and perform music, a knowledge of how to read standard Western notation is essential. To this end, all instrumental students are coached in theory skills. Additional theory lessons in specific areas of knowledge may be selected. Available theory course will be posted on this page as they become available. Please ask your teacher for additional information.

Understanding ‘theory’ of music
is crucial for any developing person who plays, writes or sings music.

Theory includes; note reading, understanding rhythms, pitches, and other subjects.
You can elect to study theory as a separate subject.

Violin students and students of artist development receive theory basic theory training as an included part of their lesson. For serious students of music, separate lessons concentrating on subjects in theory are strongly recommended.

Beginning with theory games, we learn...

note reading skills
rhythm drills
sight singing
learning the keyboard
musical structure
voice leading


Lots of hands-on creating makes learning theory fun.

Gain the knowledge you need to be able to make music. Once learned, theory knowledge applies to playing and writing for all instruments including voice.

Here are some great online tools for learning music theory :thumbs: