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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please post them in an appropriate forum.
Frequently Asked Questions (1 entry)
If you have questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please post them in an appropriate forum.
Instrument Rental (0 entries)
Does EMS rent instruments to students?

Answer: At this time, there is an extremely limited supply of rental instruments. Students will be given a list of good rental places and individuals who rent instruments near where you live. Sometimes, the recommendation might be a little farther away, if the student is advanced and/or needs something more specialized, in which case the teacher's recommendation may be for a rental place that's a little farther away. Same thing applies to instruments for purchase.
My frequent question isn't here? (0 entries)
Well, maybe it hasn't BEEN ASKED YET! Go ahead and ask in the forum or by email. Then it will be listed as a FAQ. You may get a special bonus for asking really good questions! So ASK AWAY!
Payments for Lessons (0 entries)
Please check the tuition page for all info about lesson payments.
What if I break a string during a lesson? (0 entries)
Students are expected to always have a supply of at least one extra of each string in their cases at ALL TIMES. The teacher may or may not have your particular string 'stocked'. Try to have all your own supplies on hand. Your teacher may help you get some of these supplies and this website will begin to help to supply some info on where to get supplies at good prices, with reasonable shipping times, if you order online or by phone.
What if I forget to notify you that I'm going to miss a lesson? (0 entries)
If you completely forget, usually you will not get a refund, unless there was a major 'act of God' involved (weather, health, etc.). The teacher will re-schedule your lesson as a make-up usually within the same month, if you have called at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson time to tell us you can't make it.