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Learning to play the piano

Piano instruction is offered at all levels and for all ages of students.
Whether you are a beginner or a student who has already studied some period of time, you are encouraged to set up a free consultation to meet with the piano teacher.

You'll bring any music you have already worked on. You'll meet and greet the teacher.
You'll get to discuss your hopes and aspirations regarding playing the piano.

If everyone feels its a good match, then a schedule for your first month's lessons will be set up in agreement with everyone's schedules.

subjects we cover in lessons

    * learn the keyboard
    * finger technique
    * chords & scales
    * technique developement
    * playing musical pieces and songs
    * improvising
    * play your favorite tune...rock, pop, jazz, classical or whatever you love
    * note reading, notation, playing by ear, accompanying others

all ages accepted